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FantaZ® is the most sophisticated multi-functional gaming and entertainment platform ever made, highlighted by its interactive live gaming platform connected to the biggest sports and entertainment events in the world.

FantaZ Live is an interactive gaming platform offering live games tied to major sporting and entertainment events. You can join legal live cash tournaments based on the world’s top live-televised events including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, MMA, dancing, singing, and reality shows, to name a few. FantaZ Live offers a new world of gaming entertainment where players can compete for life-changing cash prizes and unforgettable life experiences.

At its core, the FantaZ® platform delivers you the opportunity to play legal skill game tournaments with other players from around the world for free or for real cash and prizes. You can play skill-based casual games and/or join the action with FantaZ Live, all while challenging friends, families and others around the world.

Our skill-based casual game tournaments incorporate logic, trivia, sports, strategy, first-person shooter, hand-eye coordination, and so much more. The games are challenging and fun but no matter what, skill rules. To play the casual games in a tournament, simply visit the Play page and choose the game that interests you. Once you’ve found a game to play, find a tournament that meets your preferences based on the info provided like the entry cost or type of game, then hit Join Now and you’re in!

There are 5 states where earning cash or prizes on “Games of Skill” is forbidden by state law, which also includes earning commissions for building an organization. Those states are Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana and Tennessee. People in those 5 states will still be able to access and use the platform but for FREE PLAY ONLY. 

If you think this is merely a Flash in the Pan, understand who is either already involved or shortly will be.

MLB - NFL - NBA - PGA Tour - Numerous Celebrities

Even Several Major Universities have expressed interest.

Not only do organizations have the ability to let folks play Live Games at an event, either in attendance or remotely, they can control the game, who can play, the rewards, etc. 

Think about Call of Duty, a Very Popular Game. Do you think those owners would be interested in not only letting folks play at the normal subscription price, but give the owners the capability to Monetize all those players with an additional income stream?  They Are.

That is why so many influential people are already involved. Folks like Beyonce and Floyd Mayweather realize they can monetize their social following with something folks simply Enjoy, and enjoy so much they in turn tell their friends...viral growth.

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